Adventure Time: Masters of Ooo


Plunder all the dungeons in the world of Ooo


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Adventure Time: Masters of Ooo is an official Adventure Time game where you play Finn (the show's friendly protagonist), who ventures through the most dangerous cells of The Dungeon of the Crystal Eye.

Adventure Time: Masters of Ooo's game mechanics are very unique. By sliding your finger across the screen you can trace the path you want Finn to take so that if he passes over a key or a gem he'll pick it up. If, on the contrary, you make Finn run into a trap or an enemy, you'll have to start the level over from the beginning.

On every level of the game you'll have to complete a series of objectives, which normally consist of collecting all the keys and gems and getting out of the dungeon in a short amount of time. You'll find dozens of different levels that you'll have to escape with Finn.

Adventure Time: Masters of Ooo is a very fun adventure game with nice graphics and an entertaining and unique gameplay. A perfect game for lovers of this cartoon series, who are certainly more than a few.
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Requires Android 2.3 or higher